0bsnetwork Main Net Launch Giveaway


To celebrate the launch of the 0bsnetwork Main Net, during the ANON Blockchain Summit Austria and the Vienna Blockchain Week, the team behind 0bsnetwork Blockchain For The Real World platform and our partners are giving away cool goodies to 0bsnetwork account holders.

Our first giveaway partner is Eloop electric car sharing company from Vienna.

The first giveaway is:

15 minutes of free ride in an Eloop electric car in Vienna, for randomly chosen 50 people.

We’ll be announcing additional goodies we’re giving away at various points in the coming days/weeks.


How to take part?

Step 1: Open an account on 0bsnetwork, using the Client available at https://client.0bsnetwork.com 

Step 2: Fill in the form at https://www.tinyurl.com/0bsGiveaway 

NB: You must open an account on the 0bsnetwork and register using this form between April 1st at 8:00 and April 6th at 20:00

PAY ATTENTION “0” in 0bsnetwork is number zero, not a letter “O”!
Back up your Seed Phrase and keep it secure (don’t let anyone see it), otherwise you will lose access to your account and all your tokens.


How we will distribute the goodies?

We will select random 50 0bsnetwork account holders, from those who have registered in accordance with the instructions above, by Friday April 12th 2019. The promo codes for Eloop app will be distributed directly to the 0bsnetwork wallets. So, keep your Seed Phrase backed up and safe.


GDPR notice

Your data will be stored on Microsoft Office365 cloud servers in the EU, and processed by the developers of 0bsnetwork public blockchain platform (Blockstruct) and our Giveaway partners (Eloop), for the purposes of conducting this giveaway. 

We may also send you updates about new 0bsnetwork products and services as we launch them, but we promise to keep that to a minimum and not get spammy.
We will not share your data with third parties, except as described here for the purposes of this giveaway and accepted by your submission of the registration form. We will under no circumstances sell your data to anyone, or use it in any other way, including but not limited to tracking your behavior online, serving tailored ads, etc.
If you wish your data to be deleted from our system, please send an email to [email protected]
We will forward your request for data deletion to all parties we share it with (eg. Eloop), however we assume no responsibility for their actions.