Over 50,000 EUR worth of Eloop One Tokens (EOT) were purchased by the crowd investors in the first 5 days.
This is the first shared vehicle fleet tokenisation project in the world, operating in Vienna, Austria, with ambitious goals for international expansion.


Blockstruct GmbH, Caroo Mobility GmbH, DLA Piper and Youniqx/Staatsdruckerei are excited to announce that the world’s first vehicle fleet tokenisation project was opened for eager crowd investors at 18:00 on Thursday, 27th of August 2020.

Caroo Mobility is the company operating the Eloop fleet of shared electric vehicles based in Vienna. Blockstruct (the team behind the 0bsnetwork platform) developed the crowd investing solution back end, front end and 0bsnetwork blockchain integration, as well as integrations with ID verification service provided by Youniqx, a subsidiary of the Austrian State Printing House – Staatsdruckerei, and payment service providers. DLA Piper is one of the world’s leading law firms, they provided the regulatory compliance advisory for this tokenisation project.

The goal of this first round of crowd investing is to collect 240,000 EUR until the end of December 2020, which we expect will be achieved well ahead of time, as in the first five days more than 50,000 EUR were already invested by close to a 100 crowd investors. Once that goal is reached, the Eloop fleet will grow and a new round of crowd investing will launch, with a significantly increased funding amount. Eloop fleet operators’ goal is to grow the fleet to thousands of vehicles in Vienna and other major European cities as quickly as possible.

In addition to the share of the profit generated by the fleet, wiith the purchase of Eloop One tokens (EOT), crowd investors are getting bonus credits that can be used for driving Eloop vehicles.


Utilising the 0bsnetwork Platform.

Eloop One Tokens (EOT) are created on the 0bsnetwork Blockchain For The Real World platform and can be kept either in the Crowd Investor Dashboard wallet created specifically for this project, or using the standard 0bsnetwork Wallet. Secondary market for EOT is currently under development.

All the operational data of the tokenised vehicles is recorded by IoT sensors on the vehicles and recorded on the 0bsnetwork blockchain using our Data Transactions feature. That way the investors can have transparent insight into the parameters of the fleet and their fair share of the profit, knowing that the data once recorded on the blockchain can not be altered or deleted.

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How to take part in the Eloop fleet crowd investing campaign?

Visit https://eloop.one to register as a potential investor, create an account, pass the video identity verification and choose the amount you’d like to invest. You can invest by bank transfer, Klarna Sofort, credit card, even by transfering some of the most popular crypto currencies. You will then get access to the Investor Dashboard with all the relevant financial and operational data.

Here’s a brief intro video, in German: