The Supply Chain Solutions Hackathon, focused on the traceability of timber and wood will be hosted by Blue Minds Solutions and 0bsnetwork, in Vienna, between November 27th and 29th. IoT, Blockchain, AI, drones, creative process management solutions, we’re looking for winning ideas and prototypes and the main sponsor is awarding 10,000 EUR prize to the best team!

Fifth Hackathon on 0bsnetwork

One of our priorities in developing the 0bsnetwork blockchain platform is to create the most developer-friendly blockchain platform for real world applications. That’s why we’re investing a lot of time and energy into growing our developer resources and are organizing hackathons at a pace unmatched in the industry.


This 48-hour event takes place in cooperation between several prominent Austrian institutions and a leading company in the timber and wood industry, which is also the main sponsor. TÜWI BOKU Wien will host us at their premises, Blue Minds Solutions are taking care of the overall organization, there will be expert mentors on various technical topics and Blockstruct GmbH is providing guidance, tools and the platform needed for blockchain application developent. 

The Workshop & Hackathon will be lead by the 0bsnetwork Head of Development, James Hitchcock, and run for 48 hours starting on November 27th at 18:00 and finishing on November 29th at the same time. 

The winners of the Hackathon will get 10,000 EUR prize money to spend as they wish. Other participants can also look forward to cool prizes, goodies, refreshments, preferential accommodation arrangements for those coming from outside Vienna and more.


For All Developers, Even Without Previous Experience with Blockchain

If you are a mid to senior level developer experienced with JavaScript, Python, Java or C#, you already have 99% of the skills necessary to develop fully functional applications on the 0bsnetwork blockchain platform! Even as a junior developer, with at least a year (or two) of experience, we think you’ll be able to develop your first blockchain based application over these two days.

That’s why we’re calling this Workshop + Hackathon: we are happy to show you how to work with the 0bsnetwork platform, and not just give you a challenge and wait for you to complete it 🙂

It is a widely held misconception that to do anything on a blockchain, one needs to develop smart contracts. On some previous-generation platforms, such as Ethereum, that is actually true, but not on 0bsnetwork! Natively built-in token creation and management, data transactions perfect for IoT inregration and our decentralized exchange make it possible to develop powerful business applications without any smart contract development at all. That significantly reduces the time, effort and cost necessary to get your business on the blockchain. And makes your applications significantly more secure, as the space for errors and bugs which could easily cost you many headaches is dramatically reduced.

On the other hand, if you absolutely need the full power of scripts and wish to develop autonomous applications or organizations, 0bsnetwork supports Smart Accounts, Smart Assets and Smart Contracts. And having in mind that it’s many times faster than Ethereum, the only limiting factor is your imagination.

To find out more about the 0bsnetwork platform, visit and

Since July 2019, we also have an awesome new developer portal, for easy and fast dive directly into blockchain application development. Check it out at


Challenge for The Hackathon

Propose and develop a prototype for a solution to track and trace wood material from its exact source in the forest to the processing facility and onward through the supply chain. Please check out the main Hackathon page for more details (in German):


Other Topics?

While our hackathons usually allow for submission of creative solutions not closely related to the challenge, this time we are sticking only with this one topic. So, if you have great ideas for blockchain applications not related to the traceability of timber, skip this event and join one of our upcoming ones. Or get in touch with us directly and let’s talk about your application idea.


How To Register?

Please register for free at the main page for the Hackathon, and you will hear from the organizers team as soon as possible.