Matritel Labs is bringing 0bsnetwork to Budapest for a blockchain showcase


Obsnetwork on the road

We will be in Budapest hosting an exclusive event, introducing the 0bsnetwork to the Budapest business community on the 11th October.
This event is being organized by Matritel Labs who are heading the innovation wave in Hungry when it comes to Blockchain.

Blockchain for the Real World

What does this actually mean? Well, it really means that the platform is focusing on making blockchain technology as simple to use as Apple make their products. The emphasis is clearly on real-world businesses and projects. We’re not even entertaining the mass hysteria around “When Moon?” and “When Lambo?”.
Actual real world adoption of Blockchain technologies and daily use of cryptocurrencies in real life and at wide scale will only happen if, from a users perspective, the experience is seamless/frictionless and the volatility caused by speculation is tamed.
0bsnetwork is smoothing all the rough edges so that your grandmother will use blockchain solutions and not even know it.
Read our blog on Custom Fees for just one example.
Blockchain 3.0 technology: fast and flexible, ideal for applications in enterprise and government, SME and startup space. The platform runs open source, fully auditable codebase and some of its main features include fast processing speed, energy-efficient and secure operation, quick and affordable token creation and decentralized exchange.
Thursday, October 11, 2018
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM