The Blockchain hackathon will allow developers to see how quick, easy, and scalable 0bsnetwork really is.


First Hackathon on 0bsnetwork

As one of the three streams at the Blockchain Beachcamp in Vienna, we are hosting a hackathon for developers wanting to start developing blockchain-based applications. This will allow the participants to get hands-on experience with the 0bsnetwork and see how quick and powerful it really is. And show their first project to the event’s audience.

Power Without Smart Contracts

It is a widely held misconception that to do anything on a blockchain, one needs to develop smart contracts. On some previous-generation platforms, such as Ethereum, that is actually true, but not on 0bsnetwork! Natively built-in token management, exchange and data transaction features make it possible to develop powerful business applications without any smart contract development at all. That significantly reduces the time, effort and cost necessary to get your business on the blockchain. And makes your applications significantly more secure, as the space for errors and bugs which could easily cost you millions is dramatically reduced.

The Blockchain Hackathon

The Hackathon will be running as one of the streams of the beachcamp on the 20th Sept and will run for 5-6 hours. The winners of the Hackathon will get the chance to present their idea on stage to the big crowd and also get a cool prize from 0bsnetwork team.

How do I register?

Please register for free here, mention the hackathon in the form, and we are looking forward to seeing you at Strandbar Herrman.