Blockchain Beachcamp

On the 20th of September, Blockchain Austria, Industry Meets Makers, DigitalCity.Wien and 0bsnetwork will be hosting a big Blockchain For The Real World event where Srdjan will be giving a keynote and introducing 0bsnetwork to the world. The City of Vienna, Office of the Austrian Chancellor, Vienna University of Economy, Austrian Post, Microtronics, BearingPoint, Accenture, EY, Wien Energie, TheVentury, Austrian Chamber of Commerce and other Austrian and international enterprises and public sector representatives will present and discuss applications of blockchain.

0bsnetwork is one of the sponsors of the event and the main sponsor of the Grow Blockchain stream, aimed at developers.


0bsnetwork Makes a Big Entrance

Srdjan will give a keynote where he will be talking about one of the exciting projects that 0bsnetwork is already supporting “BLOCKCHAIN & CROWDINVESTING IM MOBILITY SERVICE”. This will not only introduce this specific use case but will talk about how easy it is going to be to get your idea/product on Blockchain using 0bsnetwork.

In afternoon sessions, Srdjan will present several more business use cases of blockchain, in Telecommunications, Energy and other enterprise sectors.

Luka Mirkovic, our Head of Exchange and Trading, will present the 0bsnetwork decentralized exchange and automated trading bots.

Hackathon With James Hitchcock

As part of the “it is so easy to get on Blockchain with 0bsnetwork” we are running a micro-hackathon with our Lead Developer James. Developers already experienced with blockchain technologies, but more importantly also those web, mobile and desktop app developers who haven’t had previous exposure to the blockchain’s “engine room” will get their hands dirty with the 0bsnetwork APIs and coding libraries.

During this hackathon, you will be able to make the first steps towards seeing your blockchain use case live on the 0bsnetwork test net, or as we like to call it, the Playground. You’ll immediately understand the major advantage of 0bsnetwork over the Ethereum platform. No smart contract development necessary for 90% of what most blockchain projects aim to achieve. The mystery of blockchain will be laid bare and you will have your first live blockchain project if you take part in the hackathon.

And thanks to 0bsnetwork’s fantastic processing speed, you won’t have to wait for up to 40 minutes or 6 hours for each individual transaction to clear, like you would on Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Tickets for Blockchain Beachcamp

Free tickets and agenda are available on the Industry Meets Makers website. Make sure to sign up and learn all about the direction that Vienna and Austria are taking with Blockchain technology…Exciting times!